Why insulate your home

The best quality insulation, properly installed, will help you enjoy a warm and comfortable home whilst also helping you cut down on your energy bills.

How insulation works

Heat always flows from a warm area to a cold one. The colder it is the faster this heat loss occurs. So, without insulation your home will lose heat, typically:

  • 25% through the loft
  • 33% through the external walls

Cavity wall and loft insulation trap the warm air in your home to prevent this heat loss. Together they can save you, on average, £315 every year on your energy bills*.

*These are estimated figures based on insulating a semi-detached, gas-heated home. Please visit the website of the Energy Saving Trust for more information.

Our promise to you:
the best quality insulation for your home

We understand that installing cavity wall and loft insulation can seem like a major undertaking.

It can involve a significant initial outlay (although it should pay for itself in just a few years). The thought of any structural work on your home can be daunting. And in recent years the industry has had some bad publicity, some of which we accept was justified.

You need to be confident you’re investing in insulation that will protect your home. And you need to be sure you’re dealing with people you can trust.

We believe we’re the name you can trust in our industry.

These are a few of the reasons why:

We always do a thorough pre-install survey: Before we carry out any installation we’ll inspect your property to make sure it’s of the right structure and in a suitable condition to be insulated. Not all companies will do this, which could mean, rather than protecting your home and saving you money, your insulation will eventually cause penetrating damp and costly damage.

We only use the best quality materials: We only install materials that are proven to be the most effective – both in terms of thermal efficiency and long-term performance – and that are fully guaranteed.

Our price match: Although we only install the best quality cavity wall and loft insulation, we match the price of cheaper, less effective materials.

Our quality assurance: We’ve exceeded our industry’s requirements by implementing our own best practice procedures. Because we apply these to everything we do, our work is fully guaranteed.

Help with funding: We can also help you with any grants that are available to help with the costs of the insulation.