Why might I need to have my loft insulation removed?

Like cavity wall insulation, when loft insulation is correctly installed, it will help your home stay warm, safe and energy efficient.

However, loft insulation can cause penetrating damp, mould and condensation if:

  • It’s been damaged or has become wet
  • There is a lack of ventilation in your loft space
  • It was installed incorrectly and, for example, doesn’t reach the internal leaf of the wall plate


  • If the insulation gets wet it will act as a sponge, holding water against your ceilings
  • A lack of air flow will cause condensation which will eventually lead to mould and damp
  • Gaps in the insulation cause cold spots that allow heat to escape and damp to penetrate


It may take a few years before you notice anything but damp could still be damaging your home before it becomes obvious. It’s likely your energy costs will be rising too, as your heating will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.


This also applies to cavity wall insulation. If you’re concerned about yours we have more information here.

If you think your loft insulation may be damaging your home we can help. We can:

  • 1.

    Carry out a heat loss survey to see if your loft insulation is damaging your home
  • 2.

    Advise you on how the problem can be resolved
  • 3.

    Remove problem loft insulation

Old loft insulation

If your loft insulation was installed some time ago it may be less thermally efficient than the materials available today. It may also only be 100mm thick.

The current recommendation is that loft insulation should be at least 270mm thick. To top up your insulation you can simply put an extra layer of new insulation over the old. However, if you want all your insulation to be as effective as possible, you may want to remove the old insulation and replace it with new.

Some old loft insulation was paper-based and can be a fire hazard.Therefore, you may want to have this removed and replaced with a safer and more efficient material.

Loft insulation can be good for your home

As long as the right material is correctly installed and your property is well-maintained, loft insulation will help keep your home warm and cut your energy bills. Once any problems with your existing insulation or loft space have been resolved, we can install loft insulation that is guaranteed to protect your home.