Find out why your home is losing heat

We use a thermal imaging camera to:

  • Detect heat loss in your home
  • Confirm why your home is losing heat

The camera highlights where warm air is escaping from your home by detecting differences in temperature. These cold spots will eventually lead to damp, condensation and mould and could be caused by faulty insulation – although there are other reasons for them such as air leaking around window or doorframes.

Where faulty insulation is shown to be the cause of the heat loss we use a digital inspection camera to verify any voids in the insulation.

When we’ve completed the survey we’ll write a report for you that details where your home is losing heat and recommends any necessary improvements and repairs.

Why a heat loss survey MUST ONLY  be carried out when the conditions are right

For thermal imaging to be accurate it should be carried out in the evening, when your heating is on, in dry conditions and with no wind. For these reasons, we never carry out a heat loss survey unless the conditions are right.

If you’ve had a heat loss survey on your home before and it wasn’t carried out in these conditions, it may be inaccurate.

Our expert team

We have a team of fully qualified and certified thermographers. They are all skilled at using thermal imaging to identify where you home is losing heat and confirm the reasons why.


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