Exciting times as Surveying Cymru takes to the skies

Jak Dargie at Surveying Cymru has recently taken on a new role; Chief Drone Operator! Although this might sound like something out of Star Wars it’s actually a new, more efficient way of surveying properties at heights.

Jak has recently become fully qualified, and CAA approved, with an A2CofC (Certificate of Competency) and a General Visual Line of Site Certificate (GVC) meaning he operates to the highest standards and is kept up to date with the latest regulations and guidance. Using drones enables surveyors to work smarter and offers different viewpoints to the traditional method of climbing a ladder or scaffolding which means it also eliminates a lot of the risk of working externally, at heights. Drones can also reach heights ladders can’t meaning they can now see those hard-to-reach places and get better ariel views of a property.

“Drones offer us safer alternatives to external work and working at height. Surveying Cymru has drones for every task, whether you require highly accurate footage, site progress monitoring or even great imagery, we can deliver it all using the latest photographic software.” – Nik Dargie

Another advantage to drone surveying is the speed at which they can cover areas or perform jobs that would usually take more than one person to do, cutting back on the need for multiple surveyors to attend larger jobs and allowing them to spend that time undertaking other duties. Surveying Cymru ensure safety is paramount before, during and after every flight. They will complete full risk assessments of the area being surveyed and if it’s unsafe to fly, they won’t attempt it.

Evolve have been partnered with Surveying Cymru since the very start of Evolve’s journey, in 2015, to install insulation and energy efficiency measures in homes they have surveyed in and around South Wales. Both companies have been working hard to ensure the best standard of surveying is met and this comes across in the quality of works and commitment to stay ahead of the competition proven by this most recent step taken by Surveying Cymru.

To find out more about the process of drone surveys and book your survey, click here and contact Nick and Jak at Surveying Cymru.

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