EvoBead opens up party wall funding for 5 million homes

Congratulations to our sister company who have been approved ECO3 Party Wall Innovation Status!

Party Wall Funding for 5 million homes

A party wall is the wall between you and your neighbour if you live in a semi-detached or terraced house. If the house was built after 1980 it most likely has cavity walls. An un-insulated party wall allows cold air and sound to move between you and your neighbours properties resulting in heat loss. around 28% of the UK housing stock has party walls. 

Example of how EvoBead Party Wall Insulation is installed and works

Example of how EvoBead Party Wall Insulation is installed and works

EvoBead is one of Britain’s most innovative manufacturers and suppliers of EPS bead for use in cavity wall insulation. They have established the first EPS bonded bead manufacturing facility in South Wales, delivered by a team with more than 100 years of combined experience.  Using the Climabead all weather product, Evobead’s cavity wall insulation system produces 50% less drill holes and is overall more efficient, faster and cleaner than any other system on the market. The awarding of ECO innovation status for the Climabead product has opened up energy efficiency opportunities for around 5 million homes (10 million party walls) across the UK. This makes it the only party wall insulation system of its kind that supports social housing in accessing ECO3 funding for D rated properties.

Benefits of EvoBead Party Wall Insulation for Residents

  • Warmer homes
  • Health benefits as a result of a warmer home
  • Reduced fuel poverty
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)  improvement
  • Up to £90 per year energy bill savings per year
  • Reduced sound between neighbouring properties

Benefits of ECO3 Innovation for Social Housing Associations

  • 100% funded installation measure
  • 25 years CIGA guarantee
  • Improved sound and thermal comfort
  • Whole house retrofit solution
  • A step forward in supporting landlords to achieve an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C and above by 2030.
  • Non-intrusive installation technique

Benefits of ECO3 Innovation for Installers

  • Providing a 25% uplift in ECO3 funding
  • ECO3 primary measure qualifying

See how we install party wall insulation in our short video animation:

Our quick guide to EvoBead Party Wall Insulation

See more info about EvoBead here: https://www.evobead.co.uk

To utilise this opportunity EvoBead are now looking to develop and build partnerships with social housing associations and installers.

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