Frequently Asked Questions COVID 19

Is my installation work / survey still going ahead?

It is business as usual for our installers and surveyors unless advised otherwise by the Government.  It’s increasingly important currently to ensure our customers have insulated homes and working heating systems but of course we are taking additional health & safety measures in accordance with government advice.

What health & safety procedures are Evolve taking to reduce the spread of infection?

Evolve are particularly well equipped to deal with the current health risks as our installation system is already one of the quickest and least intrusive on the market.  However, we’ve put in additional safety procedures in place to ensure our installers, surveyors and customers can stay healthy:

  • Gloves and masks are always worn by our crews.
  • Our crews will be changing gloves in between each property if applicable.
  • Respectfully we will not shake hands and keep our distance from you.
  • Our staff are washing / sanitising their hands between each property.
  • We will keep time in your property to a minimum.
  • Any staff members returning from afflicted countries or who have been in contact with potentially infected people have been told to stay at home and self-isolate in accordance with government regulations.

I’m a vulnerable person, what extra measures can Evolve and I take to keep healthy? 

  • Call ahead to make us aware.
  • Our surveyors / installers will keep a distance of 2 metres from you.
  • We will not make any physical contact with you.
  • We will wear gloves and masks whilst at your property.
  • We will limit time in your property to a minimum.

I am in self isolation – what should I do with regards to my appointment?

  • Call us to let us know.
  • The above points can apply so we make no contact with you during our visit.
  • We will also wipe down any surfaces we contact before leaving, such as door handles.
  • Alternatively, we can reschedule your appointment for when your self-isolation has ended.

For a zero-contact appointment:

  • Call ahead to request.
  • The 2-meter distance rule will always apply anyway.
  • We will call when we arrive before approaching the property.
  • How we enter the property is up to you. Evolve staff are always in uniform with ID. Once you know we are here you can open the door for us and then isolate yourself to a separate room before we enter. We can also set up a unique password with you prior to our appointment for extra security.
  • Alternatively, you can ask a friend or family member to let us in during your appointment. The same safety measures will be taken with them.
  • We will wipe down any surfaces we contact before leaving, such as door handles.
  • Once we have left, we will call you to notify you.
  • It’s been recommended to keep windows open for a short time before, during and after our visit.

 I live in social housing – what’s going on with my appointment?

Evolve are working closely with all our affiliated housing associations. Risk assessments from the housing associations have been distributed so our staff know the exact procedures to follow. Work will go ahead as planned with additional safety measures in place. These procedures are very similar to the ones Evolve has adopted anyway. Should you need more information around the risk assessments please contact your housing association.

The Evolve leadership team are closely monitoring Government updates and amending our policies immediately in accordance with latest guidance. We are also working closely with our partners, local councils and housing associations to ensure we continue to deliver the best possible service in the safest way possible. See our full COVID 19 health and safety policy, and links to government and NHS advice here. 

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