Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, Friday 27th Nov

Fuel poverty means having to make decisions such as choosing whether to heat your home or put food on the table and, unfortunately for a lot of people, these kinds of decisions will have to be made more frequently in the coming months as this winter is due to be one of the most difficult in living memory.

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

Lockdown and increasing unemployment will create a situation where more people are forced to spend time in homes that they can’t afford to heat. Many people will use more, pay more and owe more, while earning considerably less.

The same health conditions impacted by cold indoor temperatures will place people at greater risk of C19, and coping strategies which people normally employ to get through the winter months, such as only having one heated room for the family to socialise in, could also increase the spread of infection. This not only threatens even more lives but hampers collective efforts to reduce infection and prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed.

Whilst on the subject of the NHS, it has been estimated that £1.3bn is spent each year on health services in England treating illness caused by cold homes*; an expense the NHS could do without in any year, but especially 2020. It is also estimated 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from housing which could be reduced with simple, yet effective measures as we wrote about in last week’s blog.

That’s why, this Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, Evolve are proud to be a part of the national efforts, spearheaded by NEA (National Energy Action), to raise awareness of this issue, call for greater action, and highlight the existing help and support available.

So what government funding is currently available? We’ve included a few links below that you can find out more about what you might be eligible for:

Winter Fuel Allowance – For people born before 5th October 1954

Warm Home Discount – For households on low income or if you receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit

Green Homes Grant – England only. Please register your interest and we will get back to you with a quote in due course.

ECO3 – For families on low income or in receipt of government benefits

Working from home tax rebate – If you have been working at home more frequently recently you may be able to claim some expenses back.

This blog from a few weeks ago also has a lot of information on what measures you can take to keep your home warm this winter.

Our team at Evolve would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also advise you on any funding you may be eligible for, assist your grant applications and book a free no obligation home survey with one of our qualified surveyors.

Stay warm this winter, save money on your energy bills, and reduce your carbon footprint with Evolve.

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