Home Improvements for Energy Efficiency

Did you know there are lots of ways of funding your energy efficiency home improvements? There are several grants, from local authorities and the government, which can help you to receive heavily discounted, or even FREE, insulation and other energy efficiency measures.


ECO stands for Energy Company Obligation. It is a government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain set up to tackle fuel poverty and reduce the carbon emissions produced from heating our homes.

Both homeowners and private tenants can benefit from the ECO scheme, but tenants will need to have the permission of their landlord, including if the property is owned by a social housing provider or management company.

ECO funding also encompasses HHCRO, The Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation, which requires energy suppliers to promote the installation of measures that lead to financial savings on energy bills, such as the installation of insulation and heating measures.

Green Homes Grant

The Green Homes Grant is a funding scheme set up by the government to help people make their homes more energy efficient through several home improvement measures. It was set up as the UK government aims to bring it’s carbon footprint down and decarbonise the UK’s heating.

This is the most widely available grant with every homeowner in England eligible for anywhere between 66% and 100% of the funding of their measures available, dependant on their circumstances. You can find out your eligibility by visiting the government’s Green Homes Grant eligibility checker. You will then need to get quotes from local installers which you will need to submit as part of the application process for the vouchers. Evolve can provide quotes directly for you and help you begin your application process.

What measures do the vouchers cover?

The vouchers will cover the following primary measures:

  • Insulation: including solid wall, cavity wall, party wall, underfloor, loft or roof.
  • Low carbon heating: including air source or ground source heat pumps or solar thermal systems.

If you already have some of these measures installed, you can use the vouchers to install top ups eg. a top up of your loft insulation.

There is no point installing the low carbon heating without the proper insulation, but both measures can be installed at the same time.

If you install at least one of the ‘primary measures’ listed above, you can then use the vouchers to install a secondary measure, such as draught proofing, double or triple glazing or a variety of smart heating controls. You can get funding for the secondary measures up to the amount of funding you got for the primary measure. For example, if you got £1,000 for cavity wall insulation, you can then get up to £1,000 for any secondary measures.

If you have any questions about funding, especially the Green Homes Grant scheme, you can speak to our team of advisors by registering your interest here and make sure you pop along to the FREE webinar we are hosting in partnership with Exeter Community Energy on Thursday 25th February. You can sign up here and submit any questions in advance to [email protected].