Radiator Reflective Panels

What are radiator reflector panels?

A radiator reflector is a thin panel made from a laminated aluminium foil with a unique long lasting coating that preserves its high reflectivity. They are hung on the existing radiator brackets behind the radiator with specially designed clips and reflect heat from the radiator back into the room and prevent it from escaping through the walls.

Why are they a good idea?

They will help you save energy, cut your heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, they are a cost-effective home improvement that can make a big difference.

How do they work?

Radiators send out heat in all directions. When positioned against a wall, as much as 40% of the heat released by a radiator will be directed towards the wall.

A radiator reflector placed between the radiator and the wall will reduce the amount of heat being wasted by reflecting at least 95% of that heat back into the room.

How much do they cost?

The prices for Radiator panels will vary depending on the size of your house and whether there are ECO 3 grants available or Local Authority grants in your area which may cover the entire cost of the insulation or a significant portion of it.

Our Price Match Promise: Although we only install the best quality Radiator Panels, we match the price of cheaper, less effective options! We can also assist you with any grants that are available to help with the costs of the insulation.

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