5 ways to make your new house feel more like a home

It has recently been revealed that, despite the pandemic, the number of new sales being agreed remains 38% higher than it was a year ago, according to property website Zoopla*. We have rounded up our top tips for making your new house feel like home so that you’ll be prepared to show off when you invite your friends over as soon as restrictions are lifted!

1. Get green

House plants have been proven to positively impact our mood and reduce stress so by introducing flowers and greenery into our home we can create spaces that feel full of life and instantly brighten people’s mood. Don’t fret if you aren’t the most green-fingered of gardeners or if you don’t even have a garden, you don’t need to know your orchids from your gardenias, planting herbs on your kitchen windowsill or investing in some low maintenance house plants do the job just as well!

2. Recreate familiar sounds, sights and smells

Try to find the things that made your last home into the place you wanted to spend your time and find the spaces that will help recreate that feeling, such as making sure to find a prime spot for that piece of art you love or putting the cuckoo clock in the hallway where you’ll always be able to hear it! Smells are also a great way to transport you back to a time or place you once felt content and comfortable and there are so many ways to insert scent into your home now without the need for naked flames!

3. Hygge (pronounced Hue-guh!)

A Danish concept, not able to be translated into a singular word but rather, is a feeling of a cozy, content moment at home with friends or family. In this instance it means getting all and any plush furnishings out and creating a cosy atmosphere which can be enjoyed alone or with company. We might be biased but we believe we are helping to create the feeling of Hygge in homes across the country by ensuring they are heated and keeping that heat in properly. If you want to find out more about funding for heating and properly insulating your home, to make it feel cosy in any season, get in touch today.

4. Lighten up!

Light can affect a space in a multitude of ways and it’s always best to recreate natural light as much as possible in a home so if you’re not throwing open the curtains or your home isn’t positioned well for natural light, LED lights are not only environmentally friendly and widely available but can imitate natural daylight, completely changing the mood of a room. Layering light sources with lamps, backlighting and candles can also help to bring about that cosy feeling in the evenings.

5. Take it one room at a time

When unpacking, try to do one room at a time. You will always end up with things that don’t quite find their home straight away but when you go one room at a time, you’ll get less overwhelmed and distracted meaning you’ll find more homes for the things that matter. Store the things that don’t find their home straight away in their respective room boxes in the loft or garage and if you haven’t found them a home or used them in 6 months then throw them out. If you’re in need of more storage, Evolve Home Energy Solutions now do loft boarding and storage solutions so get in touch!

Making a new house into a home has never been more important so we hope our tips have helped. If you have any questions about any of Evolve’s services and how they could help in your home please feel free to give us a call on 0800 292 2554 or email [email protected].

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