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Our property surveys are carried out by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) professionals, ensuring your survey adheres to the highest standards in property valuation and assessment.

Below is details of the three types of home surveys we can carry out for you.

Evolve’s Home Survey Options…

  • Independent Property Valuations

    Confirm whether the property you want to buy is roughly worth the amount you want to pay for it and be sure that you are not borrowing more than the property is worth.

    When is it suitable?

    Completely independent opinion that can be used to secure a mortgage from your lender.

  • Home Condition Report

    Get an overview of the property’s condition and have significant issues highlighted, although not explained in great detail.

    Includes a traffic light rating system for the condition of different parts of the property giving you an at-a-glance understanding of the property’s general state.

    When is it suitable?

    Suitable if you’re buying a relatively new property with no previous issues, and just want some reassurance that everything is okay.

  • Home Buyers Report

    More detailed than a condition report, this type of survey highlights problems, such as damp and subsidence. It includes advice on necessary repairs and ongoing maintenance and points out anything that doesn’t meet current building regulations.

    Also includes a market valuation and rebuild cost.

    When it is suitable?

    The most popular type of survey, and the standard choice for properties that are in a reasonable condition.

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