Loft Boarding

The perfect way to transform your loft & create more storage…

loft boarding to reduce heat loss
Loft conversion and loft boarding

For many householders their standard of living has improved over the last 15-20 years. This has in many cases, lead to an increase in the acquisition of items requiring storage space. Those with garages regularly confirm that the car is parked on the drive because the garage is “full of stuff”.

In many cases the solution to the problem is to take advantage of the loft space.

Reasons to board your loft:

  • Dramatically increase your homes floor space
  • Add value to your home
  • Create useful (and safe!) storage space
  • Protect your lofts insulation
  • Reduce heat loss from your loft space

Loft Space Facts

The loft in most homes remains a room that is barely touched. In many instances this is due to safety reasons; concerns about falling and/or causing damage due to storage on weak structures. Issues regarding accessibility and/or the location of the hatch door add further to concerns.

Loft Space Key Points

Evolve can offer effective, efficient and very competitive options to allow you to take advantage of a loft space. It may be a new loft hatch fitted in a more practical location or just a modification of the existing one, or a new loft ladder or utilising your own. Whatever preparation may be required; the surveyor will explain clearly at the time of your free no obligation quotation.

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