Introducing our new Heating Team

Evolve are getting closer to developing a whole house retrofit solution thanks to the introduction of our heating arm of the business. Offering our customers and partners a one stop shop for heating and insulation!

Our new in-house heating services include complete central heating installations, boiler upgrades, heating controls and radiators. Giving our customers complete control over their homes heating needs. Reducing their energy bills by increasing their energy performance certificate.

The department is headed up by Andrew Howell, who has over 30 years experience in the heating industry.

“By bringing our heating services in house we can maintain the fantastic quality and service we are known for with our customers. We believe our customers deserve the best and are always striving to bring a new approach to energy efficiency. We hope our partners will also feel the benefit of our new fully accredited heating offering, in the retrofit challenges they face.”

Evolve’s co-founder Paul Simpson

Insulation and an up to date heating system are the most effective measures to create an energy efficient and warm household. Reducing energy bills and carbon footprints, whilst increasing the health and well being of residents. ECO3 funding is available for our eligible customers and our experienced team will assist with the application processes.

For more information and partnership opportunities feel free to get in touch with us.
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0800 292 2554