Over 1 million people will be ‘plunged into poverty’ in UK by 2021… but there is good news for those now claiming benefits…

Officials report an “unprecedented” surge in claims for Britain’s main welfare benefit since mid-March when the lockdown began, with 2.9 million claims. “Those newly forced to rely on Universal Credit will experience a major hit to their living standards,” said the IPPR in a press release.

Meanwhile 8.7 million workers have been furloughed, with many taking a 20% pay cut and at increased risk of redundancy as state support is scaled back later this year.

Household surveys suggest many others including self-employed workers have seen hours slashed or incomes dry up during the pandemic. The IPPR’s research is based on Bank of England estimates that unemployment could reach almost 10% in the final three months of the year.

Although this paints a bleak picture during a very uncertain year, Evolve hope to bring some good news for those who are claiming benefits.

Due to government initiatives anyone who claims a means tested benefit will be eligible for free energy efficiency measures for their home including:

Loft insulation
Cavity Wall insulation
And possibly even a new boiler

A properly insulated and heated home will save you money on your energy bills and keep your home warmer. And a warmer home has proven health benefits.

If you call us today, we will book a free no obligation survey to see what measures you qualify for. We can get the work done quickly, easily and safely using our zero-contact appointment policy.

So take advantage of this opportunity and get in touch today:
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