rendering brick work on a property
Rendering on an extension

What is rendering?

Rendering refers to the application of cement to external walls in order to achieve a smooth or deliberately textured surface.

Why render a property?

Rendering can improve the waterproofing and fire rating of a building, and has the added benefit of improving the aesthetics of properties.


Render is applied in thin, smooth coats using a trowel. Top coats may be applied with a trowel, a brush, a hessian bag or a sponge, depending on the desired surface texture.

Why Evolve?

Only an experienced renderer can achieve the smooth, uniform result that is the hallmark of a professionally rendered surface. Professional rendering usually more than pays for itself, too, since it can so dramatically improve kerb appeal.

Our Price Match Promise: Although we only use the best quality rendering components, we match the price of cheaper, less effective materials!

Prices will depend on the size of your property and the level of work required.

Could Your Home Benefit From Rendering?

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