Saving Energy and Money

Plymouth Energy Community and Evolve have teamed up to help the residents of Plymouth stay warm, save money and save energy.

Loft, cavity and party wall insulation wraps a blanket around your home, making it warmer and cheaper to heat. Nearly 25,000 houses in Plymouth benefit from this blanket and their bills are around £28 cheaper every month than a home without insulation. So don’t miss out when you could also benefit.

Are you Eligible for Funding?

If your household income (after tax, mortgage and energy bills are deducted) is less than £30,000, you are likely to be eligible.

If you aren’t eligible for grant funded insulation, prices start at £349 for cavity and £299 for loft insulation so it’s still worth doing. It will pay for itself in only a few years, warm up your home and reduce your personal carbon footprint. Call or email us to go through the eligibility criteria, it will take about ten minutes.

Can I get my boiler replaced with a grant?

If you meet the eligibility criteria and you are having cavity or party wall insulation installed, you will be able to access a larger grant for a boiler upgrade. Let us know if you are also interested in replacing the boiler.

About Plymouth Energy Community

Plymouth Energy Community is a charity seeking to address rising energy bills and carbon emissions in Plymouth. We offer support to those struggling with energy issues or fuel poverty, as well as locally owned renewable energy schemes. We are run by the community, for the community; creating a fair, affordable, zero-carbon energy system with local people at our heart. Find out more at

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