Tips to Prevent Damp and Mould

The only long-term solution to mould in the home, is to prevent the condensation that causes the mould in the first place. There are some relatively simple steps you can take:

Produce less moisture

  • Dry your washing outside the property whenever you can, or hang it up in the bathroom, keeping the door closed and the window wide open.
  • Permanently vent your tumble dryer to the outside of your home, using a suitable kit recommended by the manufacturer of the appliance
  • Always cook with the pan lids on, with the heat turned down once boiling point is reached
  • Fill the bath with cold water first, then add hot which will dramatically reduce the amount of steam produced

Ventilate well 

  • Close the bathroom and kitchen doors when in use, but open the windows do not overfill wardrobes – let the air circulate freely inside
  • Cut holes in the back panel of your wardrobe, move it 50mm away from the surrounding wall, and if possible, locate wardrobes against internal walls keep vents open, or small top windows ajar

Heat your home

  • Keep your home warm with insulation, draught proofing and heating: this reduces your risk of condensation
  • Ensure that your home is adequately heated across the whole property and that you have a comfortable temperature in all areas of the home.
  • In the short term you should treat and remove mould if it is present in your home. there are various products available on the market. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully.
  • Ensure you regularly wipe down all surfaces on which condensation has collected to limit the chances of the mould reappearing

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