Keeping your home warm during self-isolation

With the recent outbreak of Corona Virus many people are in self-isolation. The government have advised particularly for over 70’s and people with underlying health issues to self-isolate. In the energy efficiency industry it is usually those who are most vulnerable, that we aim to help. We help by properly insulating homes to reduce energy bills, keep the home warm and improve quality of life. Not to mention the proven health benefits from a warm and comfortable home!

It is business but not quite as usual for our installers & surveyors. It’s increasingly important at this time to ensure our customers have insulated homes and working heating systems. 

Evolve are particularly well equipped to deal with the current health risks as our installation system is already one of the quickest and least intrusive on the market.  However, we’ve put in additional safety procedures to ensure our installers, surveyors and customers can keep calm and stay healthy.

  • Gloves and masks are always worn by our crews.
  • Our crews will be changing gloves in between each property if necessary.
  • Respectfully we will not shake hands and keep our distance from you. The 2-metre rule always applies.
  • Our staff are washing / sanitising their hands between each property.
  • We will keep time in your property to a minimum.
  • Any staff members returning from afflicted countries or who have been in contact with potentially infected people have been told to stay home and self-isolate in accordance with government regulations

If you are in self isolation and already have an appointment booked with us – there’s no need to cancel. We can even plan our visit so you can be in a separate room with no contact at all. See our full policies here. See zero contact appointment options here.

We’ve put together some tips for keeping your home warm and healthy during self-isolation. We are cavity wall insulation experts with over 100 years combined leadership experience.

#1 Set a temperature and turn your heating on

Now is not the time to be stingy on heating. The most effective way to heat your home is to set the thermostat at the temperature you want and don’t adjust it unnecessarily. Of course, a properly insulated home retains heat better and saves energy.  If you are concerned about not being able to afford your energy bills help is available. See more information here or call us for more info.

#2 Remember to ventilate

If your using your heating more than usual, it’s important to make sure you still have air circulating the home. An unventilated but warm home can lead to moisture and then damp. Open windows at regular intervals to ensure air can circulate. Cook with lids on to avoid unnecessary steam. Hang washing in well ventilated rooms. When showering, turn on your extractor fan or open a window.

#3 Draught proof

Ventilation and draughts are different. Ventilation is the intentional circulation of air; draughts are where cold air creeps in through windowsills and doorframes resulting in heat loss and sometimes damp. You can tell by touch if a draught is coming through a window or door frame. Use door stoppers to block draughts coming from under door frames. You can seal your window frames using many products that can be ordered online (no need to leave the house!).

#4 Room by room  

If you’re only using one room most of the time save energy by turning down/ off your radiators throughout the rest of the house. Try and avoid space heaters as often they are more expensive to run and use up more energy.

#5 Stay cosy!

If you’re still cold, get a cosy blanket and hot water bottle. Wear additional layers and snuggle with a pet. Hot meals and drinks will warm you from the inside and a nice bath or shower will raise your body temperature.


Please note this article is not giving advice on self-isolation or COVID 19. This is with regards to our own corona virus company policies and our expertise in heating the home.

For more advice around COVID 19 and to see guidance on when to self-isolation please visit the government advice site or the NHS website.

For further advice on Energy efficiency measures or Evolve’s company policies regarding COVID 19 please get in touch with us directly [email protected].