Replacement Boiler
Replacement Boiler

Replacement Boiler

A high-performing, A-rated, condensing boiler can make all the difference to your home, making it warm, cosy and inviting. An efficient boiler, correctly sized radiators and programmable controls mean that you can optimise your heating efficiency as well as control your home’s warmth to match your daily life.

Over half of the money an average UK household spends on fuel bills goes to provide heating and hot water, so an energy efficient boiler can make a huge difference to your out-goings.

Professionally installed by Evolve, our replacement boilers can save up to £630* per year for a detached property and up to £415* for a semi-detached.

Costs & funding

As an accredited installer, we have access to various pots of funding that can make a replacement boiler FREE or low-cost for you. The funding comes from places such as energy companies, local authorities and government.

We’ll check what you’re entitled to when you contact us.

Homes that have an old, inefficient boiler will reap many rewards if they are replaced for an A-rated, condensing boiler. New boilers are more efficient for several reasons, but their main difference is they are condensing. Condensing boilers convert water vapour, that has traditionally been lost into the atmosphere through the flue, into useable heat, making them highly efficient.

Since 2005 it has been a requirement for every newly fitted gas-fired boiler to be condensing and it must be A-rated for efficiency too.

If your boiler was fitted before 2005, is non-condensing or is not A-rated, it may well be the time to consider a replacement.

Who needs a replacement boiler?

Home visits to suit you

We’ll ask a few questions over the phone and then book you a FREE home visit at a time to suit you with one of our experienced Home Surveyors.

Getting a replacement boiler

Drop us a message or give us a call we’ll advise over the phone or by email. Then we’ll book you a FREE home visit for a Home Surveyor to come and take a look at your property.

The replacement boiler will be fitted by one of our fully Gas Safe-accredited heating engineers.

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Things to consider

There are numerous things to consider when getting a replacement boiler. Luckily, our Evolve Home Surveyors and Heating Engineers have vast experience and many happy customers under their belt and will be able to expertly advise you on all the various options:

New legislation 2035

In 2035, fitting gas boilers (even condensing, A-rated ones) into new-build homes will be banned, as part of the UK government’s drive towards a net-zero future. That means all new homes built in the UK from 2035 onwards must have an alternative heating solution such as a heat pump. There is currently no confirmed/planned legislation about gas boilers in existing homes, but we expect there to be restrictions of some type on that in the future too.

If you’re thinking of changing your boiler, now is a great time because you’ll be guaranteed efficient, low carbon heating for many years to come, and you won’t need to worry about switching to a heat pump, if you’d prefer not to.

Best quality,

We install Worcester Bosch boilers as standard, but we do sometimes specify Ideal Boilers, depending on customer requirement or available funding.

During our home visit we’ll discuss the options with you and help you decide on the best for you.

worcester bosch boilers
worcester bosch boilers
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Why choose Evolve?

We’re great at what we do and our team has over 450 years’ experience between us so we know how to do an excellent job. We only use the best materials and all our surveyors and engineers are highly trained and take pride in their work.


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Boiler Replacement FAQs

What is a boiler replacement?

A boiler replacement is the safe removal of your old boiler and the safe installation of a new boiler.

Why should I have my boiler replaced?

Boilers have a life of around 10 – 15 years, depending on the type and the demand on it. After this point, old boilers become inefficient, costly to run and replacement parts may be unavailable, leaving you vulnerable to an emergency breakdown that cannot be fixed quickly or easily.

How long does a new boiler take to install?

It’s usually done and dusted in one day. Occasionally it may take longer but we’d explain that to you during our home visit.

What prep do I need to do before a replacement boiler is installed?

We ask that the space around your boiler is cleared so our technician can work safely. Also please ensure a nice, clear route from your front door to the boiler. Our team will always work as cleanly as possible, laying dust sheets if needed and tidying up after themselves.

How much money can a new boiler save me on my heating bills?

The Energy Saving Trust suggests that up to £630 per year* can be saved when switching from an inefficient boiler to a new A-rated efficient one, in a detached property.

What brand of boilers do you install?

Typically we installed Worcester Bosch boilers, and sometimes Ideal Boilers.

How much does a replacement boiler cost?

The cost varies depending on the spec of the boiler you need and any associated works that may need doing such a new pipe work. Plus, you may be entitled to some funding towards the cost. Our Home Energy Surveyor will advise during your home visit.

* Estimates taken from the Energy Saving Trust, August 2023 (