Smart Controls
Smart Controls

Smart Controls

Adding smart controls to your heating system will allow you to have close control of your heating so you don’t overheat or, on the other hand, ever get too chilly. Smart controls can be linked to any internet device such as a mobile phone, tablet or PC, meaning you can control your heating on the move.

Effective use of smart technology will save you money on your heating bills and lower your carbon emissions. They can help you ensure you never pay for unnecessary heat; if you are unexpectedly out of the house, simply turn your heating down a few notches.

Control your heating, any time, anywhere

Smart controls allow you to change the temperature of your home or even turn it off from a device such as a mobile home, laptop, tablet or PC, you just need an internet connection.

Imagine turning up the heating using your mobile phone from your bed on a cold morning; no more shivering on your way to the bathroom! Exactly the same thing if you’re relaxing on the sofa and don’t feel like going to the thermostat in another room, just use the app on your phone.

Of course, as well as being extremely convenient, you’ll also be able to adjust your heating so closely around your lifestyle and routine that you’ll never again heat an empty house.

Using smart controls to control your heating

Costs & funding

As an accredited installer, we have access to various pots of funding that can make smart controls FREE or low-cost for you. The funding comes from places such as energy companies, local authorities and government.

We’ll check what you’re entitled to when you contact us.

Anyone with a compatible heating system should consider smart heating controls to give the benefits of being able to manage your home’s heating remotely.

Having smart heating controls make extra sense if and when you are having a new heating system, boiler or heat pump as all new models will come with the option of adding smart controls to them.

Who needs smart controls?

Home visits to suit you

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Getting smart controls

Drop us a message or give us a call we’ll book you a FREE home visit for a Home Surveyor to come and take a look at the suitability of smart controls for your current heating system.

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Smart Controls FAQs

What are smart controls?

Smart controls are clever devices that allow you to control your heating system from any internet-enabled device such as a mobile phone, laptop, or PC using an app. It means you can control your heating when out and about, or simply when you don’t want to move from the comfort of your bed or sofa!

Why should I have smart controls?

They allow you to be very efficient with your heating system; giving you the option to turn your heating down if you’re out of the house longer than expected, control temperatures room-by-room and ensure you never heat an empty house.

How long do smart controls take to install?

Typically, just a couple of hours.

How much do smart controls cost?

It depends on a few different factors, sometimes we can even install them for FREE if we have access to funding at the time. Our Home Energy Surveyor will advise on the cost during his home visit, or call the office for a guide price.