Brian Canning announced as Chairman of the IAAF Wales

Last month, the new Installation Assurance Authority Federation (IAAF) was launched by the Installation Assurance Authority (IAA) and it was announced that our very own Managing Director, Brian Canning, was to take up the role as Chairman for IAAF Wales.

The overall aim of the IAAF is to support SME businesses that operate across the energy efficiency, renewable energy and low carbon heating footprint sector. It will represent the interests of installers and individuals who will deliver the energy efficiency retrofit of the UK’s 29 million existing homes. Plus, it will provide a voice for the industry and help to support and shape government policy, ensuring that practical standards can be consistently delivered, to high quality.

The IAAF Wales branch, chaired by Brian, will specifically represent the differing agenda and policy in Wales and is complemented by an IAAF Scotland that is to be chaired by George Donaldson. Nationally, the federation is chaired by Mr Tony Hardiman MBE, who brings over 40 years of industry experience. Tony will help grow the federation to be the largest representative voice in our industry with Nigel Donohue, CEO of the IAAF. 

The IAAF will build upon the work and membership of the existing IAA.

Brian Canning The IAAF  Wales Chairman said “For too long the industry has suffered at the whims of policy change making it challenging for SMEs to stay in the sector. With recent funding programmes, we’ve seen a resurgence but we have to maintain the momentum.  More needs to be done to grow the sector from the ground up, as well as from the heights of policy making, to ensure a more sustainable and vibrant jobs market, providing a future for us all. That’s why The IAAF is a good thing. It will challenge the industry to do more, it will look to evidence growth in local jobs and the wider economy and be part of the springboard that will bring the country back to prosperity.”

Brian joined Evolve in 2019, has over 20 years of industry experience and has delivered large scale energy efficiency programmes the length and breadth of the UK.

Brian will be attending the IAA’s spring roadshows to be held in Newport on Thursday 18th April, the first official event in his new capacity as IAAF Wales Chairman. Attendance is IAA members only and free to attend; booking is through the IAA website.

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