Making Property Improvements?

Are you thinking of carrying out home improvements?

Before you carry out any building works or improvements to your home, check if they will affect your existing insulation.

Damage to your insulation can lead to penetrating damp, mould and condensation. And if any work breaches the cavity and affects the cavity wall insulation, your CIGA guarantee will be void.

CIGA state on their website:

The guarantee is not valid if the insulation has been altered or disturbed

For more information about building work that can affect your insulation, please call us on 0800 292 2554.


An ideal time to upgrade…

When you’re making other home improvements, it’s an ideal time to upgrade your insulation. Installing a modern, efficient material will:

  1. Protect your home from damp
  2. Help you cut your energy bills
  3. Give you new, long-lasting guarantees

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